Linda Kowing

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Linda Kowing

Home Health & Hospice


Office Clerk & Biller 

Linda is an office clerk and biller who has worked for almost 19 years with Home Health, Hospice, and Wound Clinic. Her duties have evolved over the years changing as the needs have changed.

She enjoys greeting, and getting to know the people that come into our outpatient clinic. “I feel very blessed to have this job. I enjoy the people I work with and the all over environment of this office. We have nurses who, at times, go above and beyond to help their patients! I believe we make a huge difference in this community. I have always liked working with numbers, so the billing is the right job for me. I hate when things don’t balance, but I like figuring out the problem”

While not working, Linda loves to spend time with her husband and family. She enjoys sewing, gardening, and getting fire wood. She likes always having something “hands on” to do.