Michelle Gibson, MSW

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Michelle Gibson, MSW

Home Health & Hospice


Michelle Gibson is a social worker who works with patients on Home Health & Hospice and their families. Michelle loves to help people. While working in the Home Health & Hospice program, she helps patients & families navigate the medical system, helps identify challenges to accessing goals, and promotes quality of life through counseling and building relationships with patients and their families. Michelle is also a grief counselor, and spends a lot of time working with individuals & families who have lost a loved one and are experiencing grief

Michelle views her work with patients on Home Health & Hospice and with those who are grieving as opportunities to learn and gain new perspectives. Each patient has a unique perspective from their own experiences and often have a large impact on those they spend time with (including the Home Health & Hospice team) when they share their stories and allow their medical team into their homes.

Michelle has her Master’s degree in Social Work from Widener University. She has participated in many types of training related to her work including bereavement, end of life care, trauma, critical stress management, and family counseling amongst others.

Michelle spends all of her free time with her kids; hiking, cooking, baking, reading, playing games, and participating in community events.