Samuel Christensen, PA-C

Rinard Media Dermatology


Samuel Christensen, PA-C

Family Medicine

Contact Info:
Office: 541-575-0404
Fax: 541-575-1124
Website: SWCC

Strawberry Wilderness Community Clinic
Blue Mountain Hospital


Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science) Brigham Young University

Dermatology Program: Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU)

Physicians Assistant Program: Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, New York

Dr. Raffaella Betza is a family physician with an interest in obstetrics and addiction medicine. She is so passionate about providing excellent OB care to her patients that she spent an entire year doing a fellowship in high-risk obstetrics in Seattle before moving out here to pursue her dream of becoming a rural family physician. Next time you see her, you can ask her how a girl from Long Island New York ended up in Grant county, and she'll talk your ear off about how much she loves the mountains, wide-open spaces, and friendly people she's found here. Her hobbies are hiking, skiing, camping, gardening, cooking, and raising animals (currently working on sheep and chickens). She spends most of her free time enjoying the outdoors with her husband, son, and dog.