Activities Assistant – Intermediate Care Center | Casual

Holly Thompson

Why Blue Mountain Hospital District & Grant County?

The Blue Mountain Hospital District (BMHD) is located in Grant County, Oregon, at the heart of the John Day River, in beautiful, rural, Eastern Oregon.  Our District is comprised of a Critical Access Hospital (CAH), Family & Rural Medicine Clinic, Home Health and Hospice, Emergency Medical Services, an Intermediate Care Center and all of the supporting ancillary departments necessary to care for the health and wellness of our community.

Our District spans from John Day to Prairie City, nestled in a valley surrounded by the Blue Mountains.  The Strawberry Mountain Range and John Day River Valley offers a variety of outdoor activities, from abundant hiking/mountain biking/horse riding trails, to high and low lakes and ponds.  Our area is known to be a “go to” place not just for recreation, but also for big game hunting and fishing!

Join our family-like team and settle into a lifestyle that is hard to beat!

For more information on our area, visit our Grant County Chamber of Commerce page at:

Position Summary

This Activities Assistant assists in providing for an ongoing program of activities designed to meet, in accordance with the comprehensive assessment, the interests and the physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident. The Activity Assistant carries out a program of activities, which will provide entertainment, intercommunication, exercise, relaxation, opportunity to express creative talent, and fulfill basic psychological, social, and spiritual needs for residents; in conjunction with the Activities Director.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Involves the resident/family in the planning of activities as much as possible.
  • Documents activities offered for residents.
  • Documents the activities the resident attends and/or participates in.
  • Charts resident’s progress or changes.
  • Is an active part of the Care Plan Team.
  • Attends care conference in the absence of or at the request of the Director of Activities.
  • Plans activities for the group as well as for individual residents.
  • Creative and thinks of new activity ideas, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of each resident.
  • Provides variety and enthusiasm in the activities.
  • Makes use of community resources when available and needed.
  • Maintains good public relations with the community and families.
  • Encourage hobbies and crafts and provide materials in keeping with the resident’s status and department budget.
  • Transports residents to and from doctor/dentist appointments as per facility policy.
  • Follows care plans, encourages residents to participate in as many activities as they are able.
  • Assists with feeding residents at all meals while present in the building.
  • Assists with cooking at BBQ’s, special dinners and or other time deemed necessary.
  • Notifies charge nurse of any person leaving on outings, any changes in resident condition and any occurrences that may happen during activities or on outings.
  • Encourage residents to participate in religious services of their choice, help make arrangements for 1:1 pastoral services if desired.
  • Assists the Director of Activities in planning parties, providing games, and encouraging residents to assist in the planning process; such as making table decorations, wrapping gifts, trimming room or area, and other similar activities.
  • Follows activities schedule.
  • Assures that the activity scheduled is completed.
  • Provides 1:1’s with residents who do not do well in a group setting.
  • Provides person appropriate and individualized activities for all depending on cognitive level.
  • Assures each resident gets to participate in equal activities regardless of care needs or cognitive level.
  • Assists Nursing/CNA staff with getting residents ready for activities and when returning from activities.
  • Perform other duties as directed by the Director of Activities and/or Director of Nursing Services.

Core Accountabilities


Demonstrate ability to maintain a high level of output without sacrificing quality.

  • Able to demonstrate and maintain consistent and efficient performance.
  • Ensures all resident care and activities are performed in an environment that optimizes resident safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health/safety issues.
  • Performs other duties that may be necessary or in the best interest of the facility.
  • Supports and maintains a culture of safety and quality.

Technical Skills

Demonstrate ability to learn and maintain appropriate technical skills to effectively support the electronic record system.

  • Displays a thorough understanding of charting per regulations.


Establish & maintain solid work relationships, through communication, cooperation, and positive interaction with all employees, staff and physicians.

  • Approachability – build rapport by making the effort to be cooperative and adaptive, put others at ease, and support co-workers.
  • Listening – practice active listening; display patience when listening to the views of others, and discuss differing opinions with an open mind.
  • Problem Solving work with others to prevent problems & find a solution when issues arise.

Customer Service

Exhibit professional behavior while being caring and compassionate.

  • Customer Focusdedicated to meeting the expectations of the internal customer. Demonstrate sensitivity, empathy, concern and respect for others.  Act with the resident care in mind, gain trust and respect by building and maintaining effective relationships.
  • Maintain confidentialityin accordance with the Oregon State Board of Nursing, hospital and HIPAA regulations.

Effective Use of Resources

Maximize the resources while minimizing waste and controlling expenses.  This includes the effective use of work time and supplies, working safely, following established work practices, and seeking ways to improve operations.

  • Improvement – recommend procedures that reduce costs and streamline operations while improving quality.
  • Maintain neat, clean and professional work area.


Self-motivated and contribute to new ideas.

  • Improvements – initiate improvements and apply new methods of working to help achieve goals.
  • Learning on the go develop an action plan when facing new problems, and be open to change.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • None

Supervised By

  • Director of Activities
  • Resident Care Manager
  • Director of Nursing

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Adheres to dress code, appearance is neat and clean.
  • Completes annual education requirements.
  • Maintains regulatory requirements, including all federal, state, local regulations and accrediting organization standards.
  • Maintains and ensures resident confidentiality at all times.
  • Reports to work on time and as scheduled.
  • Wears identification while on duty.
  • Attends annual review.
  • Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner.
  • Attends committee and meetings, as appropriate.
  • Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.
  • Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the facility.

Education Requirements

  • Required: High School Diploma or equivalent

Certification/Licensure Requirements

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) certification