Business Office Manager | Full-Time

Holly Thompson

Position Summary

The Business Office Manager will perform duties as assigned for a Business Office in accordance with Oregon Board of Administrative Rules and Regulations. The Business Office Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Business Office and Patient Access.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

  • Understanding of Accounts Receivable billing procedures, pricing information, and CPT coding issues for a CAH.
  • Responsible for patient access registrations and reception. 
  • Responsible for approving credit balance or refunds, for completing month-end Accounts Receivable procedures and write-offs. 
  • Responsible for uploading statements to clearinghouse and patient.
  • Oversees collection functions including uncompensated care and slow pay Monthly review of unpaid patient accounts.
  • Assists the CFO with hospital and nursing home rate.
  • Oversees, notifies nursing home self- pay residents of increase 30 days prior to increase.
  • Updates charge master with new charge codes. 
  • Responsible for maintaining department reports, records, and collection of statistical data for administrative and regulatory.
  • Maintaining department records on items affecting personnel, major capital expenditures, renovations/expansion plans or any other pertinent areas significantly affecting the department
  • Monitors staff education, certifications, requirements and scheduling.
  • Responsible for managing department policies and procedures including Financial Assistance and billing and collection
  • Approves Financial Assistance Applications.
  • Assists the CFO with preparation of the annual Bad Debt Cost Report.
  • Responsible for preparation for RAC audits, RHC and CAH billing and reimbursement changes.
  • Responsible for PECOS hospital updates.

Education, Experience & Certification/Licensure


  • Associate’s degree or higher degree in business administration, or combination of education and relevant work experience.
  • Minimum 5 years of progress experience in hospital billing.
  • Minimum 2 years experience as a supervisor or manager.


  • Critical access hospital inpatient and outpatient billing including Medicare and Oregon Medicaid.
  • Rural health clinic billing including Medicare and Oregon Medicaid.
  • Experience with Cerner CommunityWorks EHR system.

For More Information, Contact

Holly Thompson, Human Resources | 541-575-3820

Why Blue Mountain Hospital District & Grant County?

The Blue Mountain Hospital District (BMHD) is located in Grant County, Oregon, at the heart of the John Day River, in beautiful, rural, Eastern Oregon.  Our District is comprised of a Critical Access Hospital (CAH), Family & Rural Medicine Clinic, Home Health and Hospice, Emergency Medical Services, an Intermediate Care Center and all of the supporting ancillary departments necessary to care for the health and wellness of our community.

Our District spans from John Day to Prairie City, nestled in a valley surrounded by the Blue Mountains.  The Strawberry Mountain Range and John Day River Valley offers a variety of outdoor activities, from abundant hiking/mountain biking/horse riding trails, to high and low lakes and ponds.  Our area is known to be a “go to” place not just for recreation, but also for big game hunting and fishing!

Join our family-like team and settle into a lifestyle that is hard to beat!

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