Registered Nurse (RN) – Long Term Care Center | Full-Time

Jena Knowles

Position Summary

Carries out nursing actions as defined in standards of care and Oregon Nurse Practice Act. Directs the day-to-day functions of the nursing activities in accordance with current rules, regulations, and guidelines that govern the long-term care facility.  Directly supervises and ensures competency of the CNA staff on a daily basis. Ensures that resident care flows as smoothly as possible on a daily basis, to meet urgent/emergent needs and expedite resident care. Maintains clinical skills by participating in direct resident care on a regular basis. Maintains good public relations by interacting with residents, visitors, physicians and other staff members in a considerate, respectful and professional manner. Functions as the patient’s advocate at all times. Evaluates the environment on an ongoing basis and intervenes as needed to ensure a safe environment for residents and staff.

Essentail Functions and Responsibilities

  • Assist in developing methods for coordinating nursing services with other departments to ensure the continuity of the residents’ total regimen of care.
  • Assist with admissions and discharges as instructed by DNS.
  • Assist with orientation of new employees and assure they are being trained appropriately and made to feel comfortable.
  • Participate in survey (inspections) made by authorized government agencies.
  • Develop work assignments, and/or assist staff nurses in completing and performing such tasks. Monitor absenteeism to ensure than an adequate number of nursing care personnel are on duty at all times. Report problem areas to the DNS.
  • Monitor and/or perform medication passes and treatments to assure medications are being administered as ordered and that treatments are provided as scheduled i.e., checking to see if ted hose are in place. Accurately chart medications and treatments including prn’s with appropriate monitoring of outcome or response.
  • Consult with the resident’s physician in planning resident care, treatment, rehabilitation, etc., as necessary. Participate in physician’s rounds as needed.
  • Keep family and or resident’s guardian of problems, changes in condition and changes in orders along with appropriate documentation in chart.
  • Provide appropriate assessment, interventions, follow-up and documentation when a resident experiences change in condition or skin and when resident meets criteria for alert monitoring. Provides appropriate assessment per alert monitoring including adding or resolving residents from monitoring when appropriate. Notifies family, physician, DNS, RCM and other staff as appropriate.
  • Make written and oral reports/recommendations to the DNS as necessary/required, concerning the operation of the Nursing Service Department.
  • Reports all accidents, incidents, changes in resident status/condition/actions immediately. Document all pertinent information in chart and in 24 hour shift report. Provides RCM, DNS or Administrator only, with incident reports. Do not release to anyone else.
  • Provide direct nursing care as necessary.
  • Assist in arranging appointments, transportation in conjunction with interdisciplinary team when necessary.
  • Is familiar with and follows policy and procedures of facility to provide optimal care for the resident.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Maintains self-motivation and sustains a high level of momentum.
  • Able to successfully prioritize when faced with requests, demands and deadlines.
  • Knowledge of customer service concepts.
  • Must be extremely detail oriented and able to perform accurate and thorough recordkeeping.
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively, both in written and oral form.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.
  • Proven ability to work as part of a team, in a fast-paced production-oriented environment.
  • Ability to prioritize, highly organized.

Education, Experience & Certification/Licensure

  • Associates Degree from an accredited school of nursing
  • RN License, in good standing with State of Oregon
  • Bachelor’s Degree Graduate of an accredited school of nursing
  • BLS Certification

For More Information, Contact

Holly Thompson, Human Resources | 541-575-3820

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