Support Services Aide (Dietary/Laundry/Housekeeping) – Long-Term Care Facility | Casual

Jena Knowles

Position Summary

The Support Services aide works in laundry, dietary and/or housekeeping and is to follow established facility policies and procedures; in order to effectively perform duties assigned. Follow all safety guidelines in accordance with current rules and regulations. Support Services aide will adhere to appropriate precautions/techniques in each department in regards to hazardous chemicals, blood and body fluids, medical waste and/or equipment.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

  • Assures that adequate supplies are maintained in restrooms and common areas.
  • Assists in demonstrating new products and cleaning techniques, as necessary.
  • Performs regular inspections to assure clean and sanitary conditions are maintained.
  • Ensures that all cleaning supplies are stored properly during the day and at the end of shift.
  • Thoroughly clean resident rooms and bathrooms on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Thoroughly clean a resident unit within a 24hr period after a resident is discharged, if possible.
  • Maintain the lobby and other common areas in a neat, clean and orderly manner.
  • Take cubicle curtains to laundry for cleaning every 6 months and replace them when finished.
  • Wash all beds and mattresses on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Thoroughly clean tub rooms on a regular schedule
  • Perform extra cleaning duties when requested from supervisor or other departments
  • Handle food in accordance with sanitary regulations
  • Prepares palatable food, appetizing in appearance
  • Plans cooking schedule to have foods ready on time
  • Prepares servings according to requirements
  • Serves only foods specified by written modified diet lists
  • Makes only authorized substitutions
  • Serves food at the proper food temperature
  • Sets up resident trays properly
  • Prepares requested foods for employees and guests
  • Regularly checks temperature of walk-in freezer, freezers, refrigerators, dishwasher, food and resident trays
  • Takes residents meal orders daily; as requested
  • Takes resident meal orders in a courteous manner
  • Assists in the orientation and training of dietary department personnel
  • Is cross-trained to other support service areas/positions to provide assistance, as needed
  • Maintains census records and other required forms/paperwork
  • Responsible for the care of all linens/laundry throughout the facility
  • Handles the collection, sorting, washing, drying, folding and distribution of all laundry/linen according to established procedures
  • Handles all bags of isolation linen properly
  • Maintains knowledge on the use and storage of all chemicals/products used in the laundry department
  • Handles soiled linens as well as clean linens according to regulations and facility policy
  • Cleans and store equipment properly at the end of shift
  • Operates all equipment in the respective departments according to established policies and procedures; reports any equipment failures or misuse to Manager of Support Services
  • Assures that work area/department is maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary manner; reports safety concerns to Manager of Support Services
  • Disposes of refuse daily in accordance with established sanitation procedures
  • Keeps Manager of Support Services informed of supply needs

Education, Experience & Certification/Licensure


  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.

For More Information, Contact

Holly Thompson, Human Resources | 541-575-3820

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