Oral Health Screening for Children

Pediatric cavities are the most common chronic disease in children of all ages. Cavities can have lifetime effects on education, earning potential and social interactions.  Current statistics report that 52% of children, ages 6-9 in Oregon have experienced tooth decay.  Children in Grant County are at a higher risk for tooth decay than the state average because we don’t have fluoridated drinking water in our county. Living in a rural location and having a lower income also doubles the risk of dental caries for our children.  Bringing oral health care into primary care is one way to help reduce the cost of dental treatment through screening and low cost fluoride varnish application. Starting October 11, we will be integrating oral health screening into our pediatric well child checks at Strawberry Wilderness Community Clinic.  Based on their screening; patients may be eligible for fluoride varnish in our office.  Families will receive preventative education, and dental referrals will be made as appropriate. We look forward to providing these new services to our pediatric patients to improve their overall health and quality of care.