Ambulance outside of the hospital.

Ambulance and Emergency Services


Blue Mountain Hospital District Emergency Medical Services provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our ambulance service area (ASA) encompasses the entirety of Grant County (over 5000 square miles) and mutual aid agreements are maintained with our surrounding counties.

Our qualified EMS personnel are highly trained to state and national standards and undergo many hours of continuing education to maintain their knowledge and skills at current standards.  Fully staffed life support units are based at Blue Mountain Hospital in John Day, supporting volunteer life support units in Prairie City, Long Creek, Seneca, Monument, and Dayville.  Our units carry the most current equipment and medications to provide the very best medical care and our skilled emergency medical technicians are prepared to deal with any emergency that may occur.

Our goal is to provide quality, caring, and compassionate care to each and every one of our patients.

Air Medical Insurance:
Air Link and Life Flight both provide Grant County with air medical transport to higher levels of care in larger cities such as Bend, Portland and Boise. We strongly recommend having the affordable air life insurance from both companies to ensure that you have complete coverage if you ever need to utilize the air medical service.  If you have questions regarding air medical insurance, click the link for Air Link or Life Flight to learn more, or call our EMS office at 541-575-4159.

Are you a community member interested in learning first aid and CPR to help a friend, family member, or other person in need?  Or are you interested in learning even more and taking the steps to become an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)?  We not only offer our First Aid and CPR classes through American Heart Association, we offer the BLS HealthCare Provider course as well!  Contact our office at 541-575-4159 or, or visit the Events and Classes link on our home page to learn more.

Stop the Bleed Training 
Stop the Bleed is a worldwide course that teaches how to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene effectively. It is a great course for older children and adults and covers how to identify severe bleeding and act quickly to stop bleeding including tourniquet application. The course is one hour and a free Stop the Bleed kit will be given to participants while supplies last. Virtual presentation options are available. To schedule a Stop the Bleed training contact:

Think First Injury Prevention 
ThinkFirst is a national injury prevention program that we offer in association with OHSU and is dedicated to educating youth in the prevention of brain and spinal cord injuries. It is designed to help young children and teens develop lifelong safety habits to minimize the risk of sustaining brain, spinal cord or other traumatic injuries. Our message is that you can enjoy a fun, exciting life and be safe if you "think first" and use your mind to protect your body. We offer school presentations for grades K-12 in the classroom or virtually. The presentations are 30-90 minutes depending on the grade level and the needs of the teacher. To schedule a ThinkFirst Injury Prevention course contact: