Respiratory Therapy Services

The Respiratory Therapy department at Blue Mountain Hospital provides a variety of clinical services spanning all patient care areas.

Diagnostic Cardiology Services:
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
48 hour Holter monitoring
Cardiac stress testing and Cardiac stress testing with echo cardiogram.

Diagnostic Respiratory Care:
Spirometry/ lung-function testing
Peak-flow testing
Arterial blood gas analysis
End tidal CO2 monitoring
Assessment of patient respiratory status, and evaluation of therapeutic interventions.

Therapeutic Respiratory Care and support:
Oxygen therapy
High-flow nasal insufflation therapy
Aerosol Medication therapy
Incentive spirometry
Chest physio-therapy

Critical care support:
Respiratory crisis, and airway management
Invasive and Non-invasive mechanical ventilation

We are also present at all deliveries, C-sections and trauma emergencies. Our therapists are part of the overall team at BMHD and are staffed by respiratory therapists, certified by the American Association for Respiratory Care. We are available 24 hours a day to provide support to all kinds of patients with acute or chronic pulmonary-related illnesses and urgent needs.