Pain Management Clinic

"We care about you and are dedicated to treating your pain so that you can get back to living."

The Pain Management Clinic at Blue Mountain Hospital provides you expert, local help to treat and relieve pain. Our professionals understand the disruptive effect constant pain can have on your life and they will use all of their resources to address that pain.

Pain Treatment:
The clinic treats hip, knee, shoulder and lower back spinal conditions. We want to alleviate or ease your pain whenever possible to improve your quality of life.

Treatment Method:
We offer epidural steroid injections that can be more effective than oral medications, lessening the need for anti-inflammatory drugs or narcotics.

Arthritis and bursitis of the hip and knee are common indications for steroid injections. Patients with shoulder pain from adhesive capsulitis, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tendinosis, joint arthritis, and bursitis may benefit from steroid injections.

Our team also is skilled in lumbar facet, intralaminar, transforaminal and sacroiliac joint pain management.

Some insurance plans do not require a referral so you may call us directly to make an appointment. If your insurer requires a referral for pain treatment, your primary care physician can help make the necessary arrangements.

What can we help you with? You may contact the Pain Management Clinic at (541)575-1364.