Radiology and Imaging

Blue Mountain Hospital maintains one of the most advanced radiology departments in all of Eastern Oregon. This means you get state-of-the-art care close to home right here in Grant County.

Forget the days of claustrophobic time spent in a small tube. Our MRI suite is specially designed with a unique lighting and a music system that allows you to pick the music of your choice. Our equipment, the most sophisticated in the territory, can handle patients up to 445 pounds.

CT Scan:
We utilize a low-radiation dose unit designed to provide sophisticated scanning capabilities to assist your physician in diagnosis and treatment. Using advanced imaging techniques, our scans are completed fast and efficiently.

Our equipment enables us to provide scans of large or small sections of the body. This equipment utilizes the most modern scanning technology available.

Expert Analysis:
We have the ability to connect directly with specialists live to get fast, accurate reviews of images to help guide your medical care.

We are flexible in arranging our appointments to fit your schedule, including early morning and evenings.

Health insurance and Medicare cover many of our procedures. We'll work with your insurer, taking care of all the paperwork to determine what coverage you have and obtain any pre-authorizations needed to begin your care.

How can we help? Call us at (541) 575-1311 and we'll answer all of your questions and help you arrange the scanning sessions you need.