Transitional Care Program

Recovery, Rebuilding and Resuming, Close to Home

Our mission is to keep loved ones close to their families in their own communities while assisting them with recovery, rebuilding and resuming their level of functioning after acute injuries, illnesses or surgeries.

Patients can recover right here at Blue Mountain Hospital with the help of a professional, compassionate care team. Our team is comprised of professionals in physical therapy, occupational therapy, skilled nursing and dietetics. We offer a variety of activities to encourage and support in the recovery process.

What can our transitional care program do for you?
We can assist in your recovery by facilitating:

  • Increased independence in self-care (getting dressed, grooming, bathing, toileting, etc.)
  • Active participation in therapy sessions
  • Walking or moving with nursing staff
  • Gradual increase in time out of bed
  • Daily activity involvement that encourages independence
  • One-on-one care in your recovery
  • An eating plan customized for your health
  • Educate your caregiver in preparation for your return home

Come see us!

We urge you and your family to come meet us, take a tour, and see how the Blue Mountain Hospital Transitional Care Program can assist in your recovery. To arrange a tour and a meeting, call (541) 575-1311.