Summary of Financial Assistance Policy

Blue Mountain Hospital District offers financial assistance for emergency and medically necessary services provided and billed through Blue Mountain Hospital District. Financial assistance is provided to patients who meet the eligible criteria of the policy.

If your total household income is between 201% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you may be eligible for a 25% financial assistance discount.

If your total household income is 200% or less of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Guidelines, you may qualify for 100% financial assistance discount.

Exceptional financial circumstances:
If your total household incomes exceeds the maximum 400% of the FPL, yet you have supplied additional documentation to support the hardship your medical condition has caused for you and your family, you will be considered on a case by case basis for assistance.

Notification of availability of our Policy:

Every effort will be made to identify patients needing financial assistance as early as possible.
Blue Mountain Hospital District will publicize the program through:

  • Posting of signs in all patient registration areas;
  • Providing written notification on patient billing statements;
  • Posting of Financial Assistance Policy, Summary and the Financial Assistance Application on this BMHD website.

Services covered by a financial assistance application:
An approved Financial Assistance Application will cover charges for emergency and medically necessary care provided and billed through Blue Mountain Hospital District. We may consider charges for services provided after our date of approval for up to six months (180 days) without requiring a new application to be completed.

How to obtain an application or copy of our policy: You may obtain an application or a copy of our policies by clicking on the links below. Hard copies can be provided in person or can be mailed upon request by calling 541-575-1311 X2237 or 541-575-4156.

Effective: January 1, 2020