Speech Language Pathologist Now Has Expanded Hours

We are excited to announce we now have expanded hours for our Speech Language Pathologist, Charissa Moulton.

Charissa Moulton is a Speech Language Pathologist who works with individuals across the lifespan to improve language, communication, cognitive, feeding and swallowing skills. She firmly believes that every individual deserves the right to communicate effectively in whatever way possible. She also believes that functional feeding and swallowing skills play a key role in overall health, and therefore is dedicated to helping individuals achieve an improved quality of life.

Additionally, Charissa is a Certified Lactation Counselor and Pediatric Feeding Specialist trained through Feed the Peds™. She is passionate about the importance of successful breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding experiences for mother and baby as those experiences play a key role in baby’s future feeding success. Successful feeding experiences early on provide the foundation for the oral motor skills needed to transition to solid foods as well as develop age-appropriate language and articulation skills.

Charissa also has extensive experience working with young children who experience developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, communication disorders, articulation and phonological disorders, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injuries due to her time working in Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE). During that time, she witnessed first-hand the life changing effects that come with improved communication skills. She is excited to be working with all ages here at BMHD as everyone deserves the right to communicate effectively.

Charissa holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Idaho State University. She enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children being outdoors; camping, hunting, picking huckleberries, and going on adventures in the family’s ATV.